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Do you know more creative writing classes?

The answer lies in the words of our teacher, and not the computer class of choice.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a trip to an open-air theatre or a film screening on the terrace, you’ve probably noticed that the whole place seems quite cramped at the best of times. With the latest in tech making our lives easier, it’s no wonder that so many of us have decided to pack our bags at the first opportunity we get.

The issue of over-crowding at theatres, and what it means for a festival like London Underground’s Underground Film Marathon, is a tricky one. Not only does it pose a real issue for ticket sales at these larger festivals, but it can also put an unnecessary strain on other events.

The first question we asked ourselves – should we take a risk by taking the train?

Let’s say we have been in town for a few weeks, and you’ve bought tickets for Underground Film Marathon, where you come into the event with the intention of taking a couple of breaks, going for a walk, or getting some exercise in the garden.

With so much going on during your film marathon, your brain might be overloaded with thoughts about what to do in between. That is, if you are in an open theatre environment, where an audience is not around, all the distractions and stress could be put to an end immediately.

Instead, let’s take a look at the benefits of a well-designed environment, where the experience is the main focus. This also means you can get out of the Tube and enjoy yourself.

Your senses will be on their best behaviour.

If we are talking about a film marathon on trains, you would probably be in the queue for a seat if you were a human being, but are you a train passenger? If you are a human being, you are still in the queue, waiting to get to the front of the line. You don’t have the luxury of a choice; you might as well just take your ticket, or wait to be told which one is available, and sit in that one. So in terms of sensory processing, what you experience is completely different.

As someone who has never been on a train before, let’s compare it with what you might feel if you watched a film while in public while trying to focus on watching something more enjoyable, like a play or a concert (which is more of what people do in the Tube

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