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I am studying to become a Certified Graphic Designer at the Design College of America (DCDA). The cost of all my courses is paid for by the school through a program of scholarships and grants from the school. I was in school for 2 years before graduation. I have not had any formal education (and I do not even know all the material of the course) but have been studying and doing well in a few of the programs at DCDA. My only real difficulty in this school was the online courses. As a teacher this has not been a problem for me. Once I became a student at the school I noticed that there are always an equal number of people with students from many different backgrounds. My instructor is very dedicated and the classes were very easy.

The new video of the new movie ‘The Martian’ has become an unlikely subject of Internet memes.

The first two scenes of the film have been shared around the internet, including this one called “Martian Man Bites Man.”

Martian Man Bites Man:

The last scene has also been shared far and wide on Facebook and Twitter.

Many have posted the gif below and used the hashtag #MartianManBitesMan, while one user even created a Twitter account to follow a man who is named “Mark J.J.”

Just a little bit of entertainment from Mars and a whole lot of real life. #MartianManBitesMan #Mars #TheMartian — Mark J.J, the Martian (@MartianJJ) April 1, 2017

The video has received a lot of criticism on its first 24 hours.

The Mars Review’s Mike Seidel wrote on Twitter: “What’s really amusing is seeing the #TheMartianManBitesMan memes proliferating via Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Are they actually going to get their money’s worth, or will they just annoy everyone who was worried about a possible movie-related tragedy here on earth?”

A video posted by @BryanGirouardTV on Mar 1, 2017 at 12:07pm PDT

It’s a big deal to break a new franchise like the Martian. Many of the film’s audience are fans of The Man in the High Castle that’s been set on Mars since 2005.

The new movie is expected to hit theaters on November 1st 2016.

Image copyright KUWT Image caption There’s

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