Do you need to prime canvas for acrylic paint? – The Virtual Instructoryoutube

You can simply use an airbrush from your paint kit.

Can I do wood textures? There must be a wood type!

Are there restrictions on the size of your frame? The frame can be as big as you like, as long as you can attach it with screws. No glue needed! The frame size is defined by the length of the arms and the height of the legs.

How do I mount a camera on the frame? How exactly should I mount your camera? Make sure that it is mounted correctly! Please consult the instruction booklet on camera frame mounting, or by your modeler. You need at least two of them and that they are mounted at an angle that will not cause damage or discomfort to your model. I recommend placing a piece of wood between the arm and the camera, because it is a pain to mount it upside down.

Are there any restrictions on the number of lenses you can take? Yes, no restrictions on the number of lenses can be determined by your modeler, but the number of lenses used must be limited.

Does the modeler need any help for their job? Sure, no troubleshooting needed! We use the largest frame possible, but the lens is enough. We recommend that you always mount your model on glass before mounting your camera or lens. Even though the lens will be inside the frame, the glass will not touch the model.

How can I make sure no glue or glue residue can get onto the model? Glue should not be in contact with any part of your model. Always inspect any part of your model, and don’t use glue you’ve made or bought from online shops!

Are you willing to take the time to make an accurate model with a professional modeler? The work done on your model depends entirely on your skill and ability. A professional modeler will take time to fine-tune and to understand the details of the model. He will also be willing to be patient, and willing to assist you if you give him the opportunity.

Are your prices reasonable? Yes!

Do you accept PayPal? Yes, but please note that you don’t pay via PayPal with a purchase! Only by using our shop payment page are you able to make payment, pay your invoice and receive your item via PayPal.

Can I use your site for free? Yes, that’s why everyone recommends it!

Can I use any photos in my promotional videos and online pictures? Yes, you are welcome to

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