Do you wet the brush before using acrylic paint? – Free Online Art Lessons Painting Middle School

No, I’m always very careful.

If I paint something too black, would that change the outcome?

No, that’s what happens when you paint. If you paint black, that means you’re going to get a muddy, black, wet mess; the same as your brush wetting black.

Do you do custom work?

My clients love having me work with them; this is just the way I’m doing my work. I always bring in an artistic vision for a job to be done. I look at a client’s budget and my client’s style of living. They say, “I’m really interested in this design, I want the colors to be different,” so I do design projects with that style of living in mind, and I bring in my own ideas and take away that idea. It’s a lot of fun, and if you have ideas you want to create something out of, just go ahead; I’m just going to go with the best idea you have.

What does design mean to you?

Design means something very specific. It’s the process of bringing a piece of art to life.

If I had to sum it up in a way, design is creating new images so that they feel more aliveā€¦ that they’re more vibrant, they’re more engaging, they have meaning, they have meaning to me. This is a process where I can create something that is original because it’s created with the artist’s own mind. It’s that connection that brings this design forward to a new level.

Do you do a lot of custom work?

I do. This weekend we got married and my husband got a new car. He’ll be buying a new Jeep, his son’s going to be buying a new car, my son’s going to be buying a new car. My husband’s been buying new cars for years, he’s a big car guy. But this car is gonna be new to him. So, design is always a big part of my work. It’s part of our life right now!

What is it about a particular type of fabric that’s a really great choice for a particular project?

It just depends; I don’t know how many different types of fabric I’ve worked with, so you might have a different idea of one.

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