Do you wet the brush before using acrylic paint? – The Virtual Instructor Reviews

You want the acrylic paint to have some water left in it on its bottom edge so that it doesn’t stick to the brush and make your work harder. To make it easier to handle, I use the same “water-saturating” paste technique I use for painting the interior areas of the vehicle in our home. This paste goes in one side of the brush and the acrylic paint goes in the other side. Once you have that done, you just remove the paint from the acrylic for easy cleaning.

Do you wet paint before using resin?

Yes, but not enough to get the resin back to the paint.

If I’m making a watercolor painting, do I make a watercolor first and then paint from it?

No. All we do is spray watercolors back and forth between the watercolors. Sometimes I do the whole piece at once.

How do I fix a wet spot on my acrylic pieces?

Remove the wet spot and apply a new coat of paint or a primer.

I noticed a problem with some water color paintings that my paints had wet spots on them. Now do I need to paint over the spots or do I just spray them over again?

Yes. Spray the paint over the places you want to paint again. You can apply additional coats of primer to get more coverage.

How do I know how long it takes to dry?

I usually measure my time on watercolor painting from when I finish a piece to when I start painting again because all I do is wait for the paint to dry. So if I see a couple of hours of wait, it’ll take a while longer to dry. But when it dries, all the color, in my opinion, has time to dry. But that is the painting I do on the weekends, not the watercolor painting with me.

How many coats of primer do you need to be safe?

You need to be in the safe zone of two or three coats depending on the amount and amount of water you used. We always use two- to three-hour coats until our paint is done, and then two coats to prevent cracking. You should have no problem painting through more than three coats of primer.

I have a friend who is a painter as well — is that a good idea?

In case they wanted to try it, yeah. You can always get more and more of the artist, like with a painter.

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