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As I mentioned in my tutorial, I was looking for a way to teach myself to paint without the help of computers and textbooks, but had I found the right solution I wouldn’t have gotten very far! I would not have been able to put together the tools that I needed to get this going, but I would have had a good idea of what I had to be successful in. But first, how can you teach yourself to paint without the help of computers and textbooks. Well I’ve been playing with this technique for a while since I have a really neat piece of equipment that’s about to become available.

How can I paint without the help of computers and textbooks? It’s pretty simple. Start with a palette of different colors and then, when you are completely comfortable with the different techniques at hand, move on to the next one. Once you are comfortable with what you’ve got it’s time to go to the next tool.

How can I teach myself to paint without the help of computers and textbooks? First, let me start by saying how much I love working with acrylic. It’s just so beautiful and I love learning new techniques with the possibilities of painting with it. I love the feeling of learning new things with my paints. But this hobby takes a bit of time and you will find the need to invest in purchasing equipment to help you with your paint. Now, when I do think about the technology I am talking about, it’s mostly of the traditional type that only has certain styles and colors of painting. I have a collection of mostly acrylics paints to play with and do my own drawing on. But I will be talking about the new and very promising technology coming out of China called ‘Fusion Paint’.

When I first heard about the fusion paint I knew I wanted one of those to give me a leg up in painting! I have all the necessary ingredients for a decent acrylic paint, so there is nothing I need to worry about. It makes its debut in 2017, but already it has gained much fan base. Fusion Paint is a very simple process that gives you a new canvas every time you use it.

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It is all very simple. You have a brush and you hold the brush at an angle, then you apply it to your palette, but not too much until it is perfectly smooth. Then you are ready to start painting. If you are used to using paint with brushes and not using your regular paints it won’t be as much fun but it will be very much worth it

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