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It’s not that hard, especially if you practice it regularly. But if you don’t practice enough, you may find that you become less talented at drawing, less likely to enjoy drawing, and less likely to want to try it again until you do. The basic concept is simple. Whenever you encounter the same problem again and again, try drawing a drawing that you enjoy, then learn how to improve. As John Coltrane said, “If you really want it, it will come to you.” It doesn’t need to be a huge scale. But it doesn’t need to be the most complex one. At some point you’ll realize it’s more of a mental exercise than physical.

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A few years back, a Japanese couple took their daughter to a local convenience store and bought a couple large bags of the food-poisoning-containing cornstarch. The man didn’t even know the product was poisonous.

The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said she was “upset” by the news.

“My daughter was extremely scared about what I’d brought in, and thought it might kill her,” she told the Telegraph. “She was only two at the time, so I was just completely overwhelmed by what it did to me, the entire store. The woman was in tears.”

She said she didn’t learn much from the incident — her child is now seven years old — but says she feels like she “wasn’t even worth crying about” at the time.

“Maybe I was going through a really bad time,” she admitted to the newspaper. “I was still in school at the time and thinking that it shouldn’t have been any sort of problem, so I never had any sort of emotional or psychological pain. But now I feel like I shouldn’t have brought something so harmful into a store when I was totally uninformed.”

According to an article on Huffington Post, the man who bought the CornStarch said he was unaware of its dangers, adding that he bought it because people would leave food out overnight. “We’ve heard that since Cornstarch became a household name, people have been more cautious about their overnight grocery shopping and that’s always a good thing,” he added.

Even though his wife was upset by the incident, he was able to laugh at it online. “He had a little chuckle,” she told the Huffington Post. “He’s like a guy from

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