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If you look like one of those “tricks” in the YouTube video, do it and don’t take life too seriously! If something bothers you or if you want to see how good you are at drawing, go to and get a friend to shoot you at least one frame that you can edit, do an easy pose to the side, shoot your camera and see what you do. It’s fun, but don’t take life serious!!

Why do you draw, and why do you want to draw?

My main interest is to create, and to be able to pass on my work to others who may find it appealing if I do not. The people to have been of the greatest benefit are the ones I am getting into an exchange with. I also enjoy using my artworks to express my opinions as to how one should approach life, which I find important in trying to change it. The drawing is a way of sharing these experiences with others in a way that is not merely the “truth” but rather also a means for furthering one’s outlook.

Why is it important to draw?

I draw because I would like for it to be a “truth”, that is to say, as an attempt to share with the world the experiences one’s life has caused, and the way in which one’s life ultimately affects and progresses. I am not a Christian, I am an atheist/agnostic, but I draw my philosophy from an extremely diverse place in terms of religion. However, I still believe in God, and that he sees the world, and the person he sent to earth.

I’m sure some of you will ask, why draw that person, why not just draw yourself? Well, I have a few answers for either of these questions: 1. Drawing is so easy to do because I draw. Not only does one simply sit and draw the “truth”, but one also simply “hands” it over to themselves to express this “truth”. It is much more easier to feel the emotion in oneself from a drawing, rather than from “the thought”, that is to say from the words and images that one creates without being able to experience first-hand. 1.2, however, does not mean that drawing is not an artistic medium. In fact, it is. In certain respects, it can be just as productive as painting or a sculpture when one is not “in the moment”. The

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