How do I become amazing at drawing? – The Virtual Instructor Reviews

One of the reasons I want to help you get better: you’re awesome. You’ve got great technique, great style, great insight, you’ve got everything. It only takes a bit of practice to build your own, so what else should you do to get there?

Practice drawing a scene, you’ll notice that even a simple simple scene can be hard on your hands, but it should be no different when you draw anything complicated! As long as you can hold onto your skills, make a scene, and focus on improving your drawing skills over the course of time, anything is possible.

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What’s the secret to getting better?

The secret is discipline. Being disciplined doesn’t simply mean doing the same things over and over. It means using a specific kind of drawing discipline, not just using one, but following a specific sequence. Let’s say I draw your dog and you draw your dog and I draw your dog and he’s all different, and we draw the same dog, and he’s different, and we draw the one and the other and you draw the one and I draw the other—you’re sure that’s your dog? I am not! This kind of drawing discipline is the key to getting better.

What are some of the things you should do?

Keep practicing!

Every second you sit down to draw a new sketch gets you two additional points of practice. Don’t get me wrong, there is no need to go faster, but you should still draw them.

Draw lots.

Draw lots and lots of different animals. Think about how many different people, animals, landscapes, and situations you can draw, and be willing to draw them over and over. Draw all the variations of those animals too. Try different animals with different behaviors and reactions. Try to draw animals you find interesting! Just keep drawing for fun and pleasure!

If you take any shortcuts, start over.

I mean it’s not like this is an easy thing to do. I used to spend hours copying people’s images and their scenes and just drawing the same animal over and over, and that just takes practice to learn where to stop with a one-shot sketch.

If you do that you’re not practicing what you’re good at. But I’m not complaining about any of that: it’s a lot of hard work to learn a thing when you only ever do it once.

Don’t just copy people’s images, start over as

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