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Is it important? I mean what other artists have said about using “art like a fidgetspinner”?

I’m using my own opinion here, so feel free to disagree.

I’m sure your work is amazing, but I’d like to know your personal opinion on the matter. Are you comfortable using it in your own work or would you prefer it to be “just mine”? Is it as common a style as people make it out to be, or are they trying “too hard” with it? If you’re comfortable with it, is there a reason this style is a particular type of art, or have the people who make it become so popular because of it?

Thanks for the reply. I agree that it can be confusing, but I think it’s a fairly common style among the art world as a general concept. I think you don’t have to take my opinion on face value, because people are free to think whatever they like. It’s just up to them how they interpret it. The artist’s interpretation is more important than mine.

I personally like to use art like a fidgetspinner as an example of the style in a few of my pieces, especially things like My Life With The Redhead , where I use this style in some more lighthearted scenes, whereas other works of mine tend to use it a little more tonally and in a more satirical tone. In all cases, though, I hope that other artists are able to keep it as a recognizable style even though it’s a little different from mine.

I think that there are different things about art where it isn’t a “look” and can be used for more than just an aesthetic or creative benefit. There are a lot of people who don’t see art like this as a particular style. It’s not a one-way street, at least. What do you think is the ideal use of art like this?

As for your question about being “just mine”, my art style is more “cinematic” and I prefer to draw stuff more like that anyway. It is my signature type of style. That said, I can use “fidget spinners” as a starting point as well.

I love the fact that people seem to get so worked up about my art. I have to ask, however, are you comfortable with your artwork being associated with the Fidget Spinner brand?

Yes. I’ve had people express this concern to me via letters and

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