How do you develop a drawing style? – Types Of Portrait Drawing

I would say with practice, learning the different styles and how to draw them, I started to draw like it was a different medium. After it took over I started to do more traditional comic work like, it’s not too bad, but it doesn’t really look right with this style. So I decided to go back to drawing traditionally for a while just to see if it would work.

And you’ve also done a lot of work with children, can you talk a bit about that?

I’ve done some artwork with children. They’re not my characters but they really inspired me to try new things (laughs). I guess kids like their comics based on reality, like how that feels and I didn’t want to stray away from the real world, a nice feeling.

What do you believe is the main reason behind the popularity of children’s comics?

Because I don’t think it matters anything of what genre it is, you just have to draw in a way where you feel it and you get into it as much as possible. Children are drawn in a way where they don’t react to the other side of the coin, a way that I would do when I was a kid. I wouldn’t have to worry about things like “is it cute or is it funny?” If you can draw like that your mind will allow you to do it and that’s what kids like.

You just wrote a book, so I’m thinking about some of the things on your mind. Can you talk about what you think the main reason behind the popularity of children’s comics is?

I think it means that the culture isn’t too far from reality as far as how it gets interpreted by kids as well as adults. When I had my first kid I did everything I could to not disappoint. I bought him a car, a whole wardrobe and a whole list of stuff he didn’t really need, things that were just there to make life easier and to make what I had been doing easier. I think that kids love doing stuff to make things easier and they like to see the way things are done better if it’s done the way they would do it. Because it’s easier to learn to do it they love doing it. And then once you start making money and doing that, it’s more fun for your kids.

I mean, the thing I find most appealing about kids’ comics is that it’s less of a conscious thing than I usually do. You’re reading a book and you

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