How do you draw an app for beginners? – Teach Yourself Art

It’s important to have more than one approach to learning, and we’re working very hard on adding features every day, both in the app and the web site (more on that next week).

But the most important thing about this design strategy is that it’s sustainable. It won’t be easy, but over time the userbase will improve. The app will gain a following of its own and new people will get hooked.

How long is the app going to remain free?

You’ll find out soon enough.

What’s next for you?

The most important thing we’ve learned from development is that we have much more to do. We’ve still got another year of funding and development to go before shipping, so it’s going to take some time to see everything come to life. We’re going to start a Kickstarter campaign next month—but even so, you can already start supporting the project using the ‘pay what you want’ pledge level. The more people who support, the better we’ll be able to deliver, more features available to you.

What about the rewards?

There are some rewards that aren’t as exciting as what you’d expect for a project of this magnitude, so we’ve included a few. We’re offering access to exclusive beta testing so you can hear what we’re working on and help us get started on making our first commercial product. But what’s even more exciting is that with each of our rewards you’ll be able to purchase more apps, books and books for others! You’ll be helping us continue to support this project and grow as a company. Check out our rewards and you’ll have plenty of choice.

What is the timeline for when your rewards will be sent to your inbox?

We have a full design plan, and we’re looking forward to you supporting us. We plan to ship the first backers in June 2013.

How will you compensate me if the project doesn’t reach its funding goal?

There will always be some level of reward that the public won’t receive, but we’ll make the right decisions for each one. And for those who support us through Kickstarter, you’ll be receiving a very special discount on the final product.

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