How do you start a canvas painting? – Free Online Art Lessons Painting Middle School

If you’ve read my previous posts on making and applying brushes, you’re probably wondering. Well, for this technique, I decided to do the process first.

So, let’s think about painting a canvas and how one can apply a brush.

How can we start a painting? A canvas is created by drawing a line, and you have to paint all the way from the bottom end into the top on the lines that you drew. This can be a tedious task depending on the size of your subject.

Let’s look at what this means.

Step 1: Drawing a line

First, you’ll need some sketch.

With a sharp pencil, draw a line on the canvas. Draw a second line directly in front of the first line. Use the red portion of your brush and paint the first line as follows.

The two lines will be in the plane of your drawing.

Step 2: Painting the details

Now, draw all remaining lines again.

If you are painting a figure, this step will consist of taking the details of the object, such as skin, muscles, and faces, and placing them with the brush. Take the details of every eye or nose.

Step 3: Drawing the brush

Now, draw any brush with the red portion of your brush and paint over the lines drawn with the red part. (This can also be done with the black portion of your brush.)

Step 4: Pasting in the mask

Now, take a piece of mask and draw the outline of the whole subject.

You should have a good idea about your painting, so now, we will start to apply the brush to our subject. Here is how to do it.

Step 5: Blending

Use a blending tool to blend between the black and the white part of the skin. The blending tool will only work if you are painting in two-channel mode. By default it works with RGB values.

Step 6: Painting the details
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Now, paint on the details. For this, you don’t need much work.

We’ll be painting a human’s skin, for example, with the same techniques we were working on earlier with the brush. Use the blend mode of the brush along the lines of skin and apply the brush, making sure to leave out the highlights. We’ll fill the black part with the white.

Here’s an image of the painting:

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