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I started painting when I was young so it’s hard for me to talk about the process, but I can talk about the process of the first canvas. I really love what I do, but it’s hard having to keep up with the changing demands of a project. In those long ago times when I was painting for me and no-one else, it was a lot of self-indulgence but now my paintings are more personal, and I’m feeling an interest in other people’s work, so I find more of a challenge in that.

When you paint, what do you think you have to do more than any other artist to create your style?

In my opinion, the first painting is simply a means by which people can make a message available to the public about the things they want to say. If I can achieve that on a canvas of a few thousand or a few thousand and maybe 100,000 words, then the first work is just a means to that end and I know that people want to be inspired by that message. I also feel that that message is very hard to obtain, but I try to achieve that by working with the medium that is most expressive. The reason I have a style of my own is that it makes it easier for me, as artist, to express myself if I don’t do it the way I use it.

What sort of art would you most like to see?

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I have a lot of art-historical interest in the arts. I would also like to see people creating art that is part of their own life in a way that doesn’t seem to be a commercial art. I do not think that commercial artists in general or painting in general, should just create what they like.

Thank you so much for your time and we hope you’re happy with the work from your latest exhibition, ‘Giant Blackbird,’ here at Frieze.

Thanks for your question! I’m happy to provide more information about the exhibition. A lot of the art has very specific visual meanings for me – some of the other paintings are for my clients and others for me. For example, “My Sister” is a piece that means my sister’s name and “The Moon” is her name, but it is part of an image that I’ve created through my painting.

You can catch her in London in March, where she’ll be at The RSPB Gallery.

I will also be at the Art Gallery of Ontario

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