How do you start a canvas painting? – Online Art Lessons

I don’t have a lot of experience with it. I’m very picky about what I work on. Sometimes I’m just trying to get a new one, and sometimes that’s what I need to do. I might try an abstract, or try some colors or different techniques or whatever. But to begin drawing with a sketch, that’s an adventure. It’s not easy, if you don’t have an artistic point of views or the freedom to do whatever you need to. But drawing with a sketch is a great way to learn, so you never know whether you’ll find something interesting.

How about watercolour? How’s that going?

I try to keep it fresh. It gets you inspired, it makes you think of new things, it makes you remember things you did yesterday. And the best thing about watercolour is that you don’t have so much equipment of an artist that you can’t use. Just imagine you’re on the beach, painting like a madman, you know? So you have these little brushes that give you this amazing freedom to do the picture as you want to. It’s very liberating.

But that’s how I was teaching myself paint at the age of seven or something.

Yeah! And I remember one time my mother took me to the library where I learned to paint. I just could never afford a palette, so I painted in jars. You just lay it down and start filling in the colors. It’s a great little book.

What was it like going to the gallery exhibit I did?

It was good for me, but also it’s a bit of a bummer when you go out on the street. You know? I’m out here in the world where I never really knew how to look at it when you went out on the street. But I was just in one of the galleries and I’d just put my clothes up on the walls, and I always feel like I’m always looking at a piece of art when I wear that clothes.

And you did your own art.

Yes. The way I do it is just with a big picture window. I’d be in there and I’d look out, look through my window, and see what’s happened in there. That was important. I’ve always been more of a visual person but it helps me to keep in touch and keep things fresh. I don’t like to write because it’s a form of writing.

Tell me about that

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