How do you start a canvas painting? – Princeton Online Art Lessons

It’s fun to just start from scratch but I think the best option is a digital canvas. I think there’s so much potential in what digital canvas can do and how it can change our creative process and our art.

Can you tell us how you first got into painting? Did you like painting at a young age? I really enjoyed it.

When did you start? I’ve always been a painter at heart. My interest started at a very young age when I started drawing to try and make myself better. Then I always used to play with paint, drawing and painting and in high school. Since I was very into it, that’s when I started experimenting with digital canvas.

What makes one good enough for the canvas?

I have to tell you, the main skill is how you use your hands. The canvas is a blank canvas with paint on it which means you have to make some decisions with your hands and how you use your hands. You must create something in your hands that can draw, and that’s the art of painting. If you use your hands in any way, you will make bad pictures, but if you create it in your own style then your canvas will do amazing things.

If I have to choose something else, it’s my vision. I look at it as a long form documentary instead of a short, because you have to get it right through the whole process in order to succeed in the end. I look at the whole process as it happened.

When did you start painting with digital canvas and how did you first get started? It was not easy for me. I started painting some time ago, about a year ago, after I quit my job. I went and bought a digital canvas from a friend and began experimenting.

What does your favorite part of painting the digital canvas?

The great pleasure of painting on the canvas. The joy of having finished something at the end. I can see into the future what I’m going to do next and that makes it so much more rewarding.
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Can you tell us about your favorite digital canvas?

I have many. I’m a big fan of the Mettaweb. I think there’s a lot to be said about how much I love the look of it. I’ve had lots of digital canvases by other very talented artists. Every single one of them is great, but I like the Mettaweb. It’s very well designed, designed to the right size, looks

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