How do you start off a painting? – Art Course Kids Online

First you take off your topcoat and let it dry naturally, preferably over a few days, to let it settle and then paint. You put a thin layers of paint onto it and slowly paint with a brush. It is important not to brush too much at once, the paint dries very quickly. If you don’t paint on quickly you end up with a very thick layer on your palette. The idea is to paint one layer with a brush at a time, over and over until the entire painting is finished. The painting is very simple to do, it is almost like painting a painting with brushes!

Why paint on a piece of paper then?

When you are painting with acrylics you are essentially creating a drawing using wet clay. It takes practice and lots of time and a high quality brush. It takes less time for you to create a drawing with wet paper, you don’t have to hold your brush in place while you paint. The drying time is just one way the paint comes off. You are trying to create a fine paint layer in your canvas, you are not trying to completely ‘stamp’ the piece. If you put your drawing in front of your computer and ‘stamp’ it, the result is quite grainy, like sandstone. It doesn’t look real. If you just do this on a piece of wet paper and start ‘stamping’ it then it is going to look like you’ve painted it over and over again. You don’t want to have to hold your brush as tightly.

Why use a palette?

You can keep the surface of your palette as dry as you like, as long as you don’t brush against it or shake it. This is useful when painting with acrylics as they have a very soft surface. So your palette will never become ‘stacked’ in your hand and your drawing is not going to have any of the roughness or flaking. There are lots of different types of paint that will work for your palette (and also some I’ve found that work better for painting wet paper than dry paper). Here is my choice of paints to use.

Luminol (Vivitex)

I love this paint, it is smooth, dry and doesn’t flake. It is very easy to work with (just take your brush and use the brush on the paper) but because it is a powder it is difficult to apply properly to a surface. And the drying time is too short, unless you

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