How do you start off a painting? – Drawing Coach

Is it as simple as getting a palette together and laying out on the paper or do you think more work needs to be done so that the brush movements and shadows can be put together.

A: I actually am a lot more inclined on just getting the paintbrush on the paper. The first thing you need to think about is making your paper as small and compact as possible. You can start with some cardstock paper if you don’t have an oversize canvas or use poster board to keep the paper small.

The canvas is important in this picture, you don’t want to have a single line drawn across the canvas that is going to change as your painting progresses. If you really don’t have the right colors or the brush in place, then you have to start the painting from scratch, then try to blend them together as needed as it builds in layers on the paper.

With the shadows, you just want to start building the lines and then move around in circles and look for areas where you can get the shadows just right. As well as the shadows, you’ve got to really dig into your drawing skills if you want to keep making great effects with your paints. You can’t just draw straight lines with a brush, you need to draw arcs and shapes if you want to get this right.

The other thing you have to do is give yourself some time to be creative and think about your idea in a new light. I use a lot of pastel art, so my brush doesn’t look as bad as it does with water colors, but if I wanted to be more experimental I would make it dark and then add a lot of detail.

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I also know that when I look at an image without my eyes, I can see a lot of detail by looking closely at it. I take a photo of my arm and then have it printed as an image. So I’ll go back to the painting and take the same amount of photos as I did when working on it, but this time, I just look at the image and try to focus on the individual details where ever I may see them with my eyes.

What painting or style do you find useful?

A: It would be really important to spend an hour or less trying to paint something on canvas before you even think about using Photoshop or other tools. You really need to just go in with the mind and find areas where you can see your painting from any angle and then get this image or idea going in a new way.

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