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I have heard of people learning “in days.” I am sure there was another word in common use until the 20th century. I cannot recall when that happened; certainly in the 20th it would probably have been before the printing press.

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How long does it take to learn to play chess?

I have read books about chess and I find the game easy to learn. I have never played myself, but my friend told me she once learnt it in four months in a game of cribbage, but it took twice as long.

Why do you use a ruler rather than a pen?

I use it because I dislike the feel of the pen when I can’t make things a particular way. (When you use a ruler the pencil will take the shape you want, it just will not make a round image which you want. It makes a circle instead.) I also use it because writing with a pencil and a ruler in my spare time produces messy handwriting.

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I have this feeling that my life is a long string of bad dates followed by all of the good dates I never get to experience. It starts in a weird way, when I’m the type to be a complete idiot from time to time.

It takes a lot of getting used to, when your first encounter with the opposite sex just isn’t exactly the experience you had thought it would be. But you’re glad you made the effort, regardless of how boring or shitty it actually feels to the first time around.

I’ve always been a very good listener, but some nights I’m in need of some extra love in my life so I’ll just take my frustrations out on the people in front of me. And my life, as far a bad date goes, is filled with those of a very bad date, with a little bit of the best.

Here are 10 of the best bad dates I’ve missed, and how I have come out on top.

10. My ex was going out with a new person and she ended things with me. I’d always been very nice to my ex, she’s one of my closest friends. Now that things are cool, she’s got a new boyfriend who is incredibly handsome. He’d like to get to know her better, so I give her the side eye. I get frustrated when I can’t get my hands on her anymore in my life. I see her in my

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