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If so the paint will not touch the ground even if it rains for long.

Can I remove the top and bottom?

Can I remove the rubber feet?

What can I do about the lack of a back? I will have to cut the board for it.

Can I leave the car on? I can’t find any information on the topic on the internet.

Can I put up a poster on top or outside the car to show off the workmanship/fabric.

Can I use plastic caps and other clamps to hold in the frame?

Can I use it to hold my computer? Can I attach it to the seatpost?

Can I mount the projector? Can I use a tripod? Can I use mounts and stands?

Can I put an electronic screen outside of the car?

Can I mount an electronic screen in front of the back?

Can I use mirrors to view the film? I have seen other people install them on other cars and did not ask permission. I have also seen posters on the internet.

Can I run the lights? Could I replace the bulbs? I can still drive but it is not as bright as my projector

Is it necessary to put the projector in the dashboard for proper viewing?
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Does the projector need water proofing or is it fine without water?

How did you install this?

Do you have any other questions about this projector?

I think the questions above are very much a part of the same group of items that makes the projector go wrong and then makes you wonder where to even go to try and diagnose the problem. I found the information in the last part of this article on this projector on a good web site, but if you can’t find any information on this you may want to try looking on the internet to identify the problem and then go and read the article. I am only adding the information I found.

The problem with almost all modern projectors is that the back window is too small to view the screen if you put your hand over the back to raise it if you need to use the back. The screen is not very wide and you will get an image if you take them off if you don’t put the screen over the back like the manufacturer recommends. It is best to do this only with the backs turned off as the picture will be the same but not as big.

The biggest problem is often the projector is not

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