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No. Acrylic painting is safe for most outdoor activities. When used indoors or on top of walls, paint may become contaminated with water and/or paint thinner, which may cause it to go bad.

The government was forced to act after a public health minister described the health bill as a ”national disaster”.

Minister for Public Health Simon Harris said on Monday health workers had been exposed to disease and the Government could not risk another outbreak of the “crisis at the front door”.

He cited high rates of hepatitis C in Australia’s community, and reported it would take seven years before public health authorities were able to stop people from contracting the virus from close contact through drinking water without protective gear.

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Dr Harris said the public health minister had told him in February that he was worried about the impact the bill would have on the health system in the next Parliament.

The following interview was conducted by David K. Goodman in the May 2003 issue of the National Constitution Center’s Quarterly Review magazine. The Center is part of the National Constitution Center at The George Washington University.

The Right to Vote, Part I: The Supreme Court, States, and the Power of the People

Author David K. Goodman

This article is part of an ongoing series by David K. Goodman. It is part of the ongoing series of articles in the Quarterly Review magazine, and is the first and only article in this series to take place in the period after the ruling in Shelby County, Alabama on May 23, 2003, that prohibited racial gerrymandering in redistricting.

If you are looking for a clear explanation of the significance of Shelby County, Alabama, you will find it in a short essay from our staff attorney in the Southern Legal Studies Program at The George Washington University. The essay is entitled, “The Limits of the Voting Rights Act”. In it, Dr. Goodman discusses the significance of Alabama’s decision, and the potential negative impact on federal election laws. He says that Shelby County is, in essence, a test case.

Dr. Goodman is the director of the legal program, and is the Robert H. Stokes Professor of Law and Public Affairs and the Chair of the Department of Law and Public Affairs at The George Washington University. He has worked at the Supreme Court of the United States for the past twenty-seven years, including in the Department of Justice’s Civil Division.

I am pleased to talk with you about your work at The George Washington: First Amendment Center. At

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