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Maybe not, but it could be.

When we think of learning how to draw, many of us would think of being taught. Some people just say, “I’m going to learn to draw today.” There’s a place called the Academy of Fine Arts, which is a great place to get your fundamentals down. For me, it’s the Art Institute of Chicago. It’s great if you really want to learn and want to be able to apply your skills for different projects. But the real draw with these lessons is about being challenged. You can really see the difference between a beginner and a professional who has been playing for several years, versus someone just starting out. I believe you really can learn about yourself, what you like, and what you don’t. That’s the secret of drawing.

You’ve talked about the importance of a good pencil that’s sharp, but I know it’s hard to find pencils that have that in them. In your book how do you learn to draw using what you have in your bag and you can’t get from a regular pencil holder?

I don’t really have a pencil holder because my laptop has a very thin tip, so I can’t hold my pencil so I carry all of the things with me. And the pencils are just too big. I get them all from but they’re small, not really the size I want or need, and they don’t actually draw smoothly like what I use. I’ll draw something on the Internet and do it at home, and it will move and it will turn in different directions. I don’t think I’ve drawn anything like that with an Artisan Pencil. There are some really good ones, but I don’t use them all that often because they’re small.

I don’t think people take all of this stuff seriously enough when they think about the things we can do with them. I think it’s important that we don’t look at drawing like a game. When we’re playing card games, we have to get that edge that we got as a kid. We have to have a skill and we have to have some experience.

That kind of approach doesn’t help when you’re drawing.
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Exactly. It feels like we don’t have enough experience to feel good about the work. We’re trying to get a perfect color. We’re having so much fun that we think we’re doing something really special. When we’re watching animation, we get excited and we know that this

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