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I have a drawing exercise to encourage learning to draw that I’ve called “The Hardest Part.” It’s the hardest part of all the work so far for me. The other day I drew a pretty big sketch on the computer that I’ve been wanting to work on for five years, and I was just about ready to give up and go back to drawing my cartoon drawings on paper again, but the idea of drawing in the first place stuck with me. I just had to see if I could make it harder to do this by drawing more than one character at a time, instead of one on each page.

I drew this piece in pencil. I had to go back and re-draw it for both the illustration and the illustration inked for the book. If you can’t follow along with the example at all, you’ll be pretty disappointed. This is a bit harder to follow than the first illustration, but it’ll get you started. But if you can follow along, I highly recommend that you try to do the Hardest Part right away.

The other hard part is the pencil drawing. It was originally a bit intimidating because I’m not the best at drawing pencils, and I didn’t have any experience with any kind of graphite or wet-style inks. But eventually I got the hang of it and it’s easier to follow than the illustration. In fact, it’s even easier on the paper!

Once you’ve drawn a character like that, you can use any graphite, wet-style, wet-ink, pencil, or pen-tipped, eraser-edged sketch pad you have as a template. For drawing on paper a lot, it’s nice to keep a sketch pad to use as a guide. But be careful. Some sketch pads were made for drawing on paper that was wet. I like my paper to be dry-eraseable, but some pads were made for wet-ink that made a hard, slippery surface for drawing with. Be careful!

Now you’re ready to learn about all kinds of other drawing tools such as sketch pens, pencil-on-paper, paper-and-pencils, and graphite, wet line, pencil with roller, and wet-ink. I’ve also included a couple of drawings I did during my free time that you might have seen before in which I do these kinds of drawing exercises.

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The Hardest Part

Below we’ll take the hard part of drawing one character with

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