Is online certification valid? – Matt Fussell

Yes, online certifications are valid in the states listed below that have state issued licenses or certification for the courses.

Can you take a test to verify I completed the cert?

Yes, it is still possible to test your knowledge of e-Learning courses to get your e-learning certification.

Do I need to register for online courses on the State level?

No. Each individual state requires the certification course completion to be completed on the individual website.

How long does an online course last?

E-Learning certifications can last for a maximum of 30 days, or six months, for course completion certificates posted on the Internet. Courses are not refundable.
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What is the cost of online courses?

The costs vary according to course level, which typically range from US$10-$25 per hour.

What about courses from other nations (other than the U.S.)?

A certificate which has been issued by any other country is not valid in the United States.

What if you have already learned an e-learning course I took in the past?

E-Learning certifications are valid for the purpose indicated, which is to confirm a personal knowledge of electronic content. It is a matter of individual discretion and personal choice to decide whether to use this information to fulfill other certification requirements or not.

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