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Certifications and licenses obtained through the Internet is considered valid for 12 months, so a user may already have an active certificate and license with them if it’s not expired.

In order to renew, users will have to provide proof of their current identity and their active online certificate and license. They should send copies of their current certificate and license, along with proof of identity and identity verification. All that is required is the renewal fee for the certificate and license with the original document that contains the verification information of proof of identity or identity verification.

What if I haven’t reached the recommended level of education or experience?

All members of the RIT community who have attended RIT University have an online credential or degree, which is valid at the end of their second year. It is recommended you use this type of online credential to get certified within your second time in school. Once you’ve achieved the level of education and experience indicated on the certification, you will need to get a new certification from the Registrar of Registration and Admissions.

Is online certification valid?

Online certifications are not accepted for undergraduate degree-granting credentials. However, after you have achieved the level of education specified on the online certification, you will be able to use the online certification to obtain a degree. For more information see Online Certifications for RIT Students.

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What can I do to get certification that includes my current online certification and licensing?

If you have a current online certificate or license, you are able to sign up for the certification program using an account on the Online Licensing Service.

Can RIT accept certificates or licenses issued outside of the United States?

RIT is certified by the Commission on Accreditation for Higher Education Institutions (CAHEI) and will accept certificates issued by CAHEI or any other nationally recognized accrediting body for which the RIT Registrar or the Student Services Center administers the certification program. Only certificates issued by state, school and accrediting body programs will be accepted. For information on international certification, see Certified International Degrees for RIT Students.

Can a certificate or license I receive from a non-American institution be accepted in a RIT program?

No. When you purchase or secure an international student or staff credential, there is no exception. RIT has no control over the qualifications of any other third-country accredited institution for which you may obtain a credential. You will be responsible for meeting their qualification standards as detailed

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