Is online certification valid?

Yes. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) offers a wide variety of certification programs and certificates. For more information, please visit

What should I expect when I submit an application? When you submit an application to the state-approved educational institutions, you will be asked to select one of the two possible admission preferences and, if an applicant is admitted, a minimum of two (2) hours of electives. The application fee is $50 and you will be responsible for paying any federal and state fees associated with the application. If you have any questions regarding the selection process, you may contact the admissions office at (612) 542-4100.

What happens if I don’t follow through with the program my state offers? You are responsible for choosing one of the two admission preferences available to you, as detailed above. Your state has the power to determine when an applicant is admitted and which electives must be completed in order to be considered for the degree program selected. If you have any questions about whether you should select one of the two possible admission preferences, you may contact your admission office.

How long does it take for me to receive my degree? If you receive your degree, your official degree award should be processed within about a dozen weeks. The timeframes are: For first-time graduates: Within nine weeks for residents attending the state’s accredited institution of higher education; or Two weeks for those attending a high school or some equivalent postsecondary institution for at least one-fifth of time through an earned or earned-in-full program. For those pursuing a second bachelor or associate degree: As soon as a second bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree program is accepted, or within three to five weeks as long as all three undergraduate degrees are approved, whichever comes later.

What if my bachelor’s degree cannot be completed after earning my associate’s or master’s? If accepted into a second or subsequent bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree program at UT, you are required to complete the remaining coursework in order to complete the degree when accepted into an accredited college or university through the first degree. For information on what counts as “all the remaining coursework,” and what may be accepted as “some of the coursework,” please refer to the “Academic Requirements” section of our online application. You may also review the requirements for other UT bachelor and associate’s degree programs.