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How does the water flow through the surface of a river? How does it flow around in the water column and move back again? How does it react to different kinds of substances that it touches? What does it make of the rock and the rocks around it? How do the rocks respond?

How does it feel to draw?

How is the artist’s voice different from the voice of others who have already done this work? In what ways does a person differ from the artist? What is being added to the original works? Has the experience of drawing and painting changed?

These are the questions the artist is expected to answer.

How is a student to be prepared for and prepared to be on stage?

How is a student to become a professional?

Will the artist be expected to draw a portrait of each candidate? What if no one can draw well?

What is the teacher expected to do –

ask questions in class

ask questions after the students are gone

ask for a sketch

ask for feedback

talk through each student’s sketches if they are not good

ask for suggestions from the teacher or from the teacher’s art student

Ask the students who will be drawing the candidates where and how to find each other. What will the teacher ask the students the day or two before the show in order to see who they will draw?

How are students to be prepared for the performance?

Does the teacher need to prepare on how to make the students comfortable with the fact that they are drawing a candidate and that their drawings will be part of the show? Does the teacher need to work up a way to encourage each student to draw a candidate who doesn’t look as good as the candidate he or she would be asked to draw? How is the teacher expected to get the students to be comfortable? How will the teacher get them to come to the rehearsal for these performances? Will the teacher get the students to know each other? Or will the professor ask those students to do the audition – at the start of the performance – and then only the ones whom he or she thinks are ready and who make sense for the role would be asked?

When will you have the best practice?

Will the artist be given an opportunity to practice before all the candidates are picked? What will the instructor do if asked for practice that wasn’t prepared or was prepared poorly?

The instructor will be aware that the job can be the most

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