Is udemy a safe site? – Online Art Lessons For High School

(I use it regularly with my son)

It could be a really dangerous site. We recommend to not visit it! The site is a scam, and they are taking money from people, that can be used for things that could be more dangerous.
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Does udemy have any ads?

No, no ads. This is my online school. I don’t get any advertising money, and it is all paid by my supporters.

What kind of content does udemy have for kids?

We have 2 separate sections: Kids and Adult. They are very different, but if you want to learn about any subjects or know anything about psychology, computer sciences, or other subjects, please go to the Adult section.

Does udemy have a mobile app?

Yes! It is called “U-School”, and it is an app for smartphones. It is very simple to use and is very useful to the users. You will not be confused by the fact that it is an app, but still, it is nice for browsing and checking up on your subjects.

Where are udemy employees located?

U-School, in fact, it makes it very convenient for us to be out of our home. There is literally nobody else with the responsibilities that needs to be there everyday. We also live in the same area, so it is very easy to interact with each other, meet up with family and friends, and even go hiking in the mountains.

Why so many students?

The most important thing about our school is that you will be able to get the most out of it. Each individual student has a focus, interests, passions and an outlook that will make a good student for life. You will be able to get the chance to try a variety of different subjects, and have fun along the way.

How do the teachers work?

Our school has a well-known teaching director who supervises the teachers all day, every day, without fail, and he is very involved. He makes sure that everything is going smoothly at udemy. He also provides many opportunities for learning, and he always helps you with any problems you may have and he always takes care of everyone.

Should I pay for access to udemy?

Yes! There are a few features that you will get with joining our service, which can make your life a lot easier.

First, you will start an account. You

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