What are the best free online certificate courses? – Matt Fussell

Some good ones include:

What is the biggest difference between SSL certificates and certs?

For some things, the difference is rather subtle.

For example, when it comes to certificates, one certificate is for the certificate, and the other is for the server, so the two can differ in details on the certificates. Similarly, it means the certificate you got online would be a good proxy certificate, while the one you got at CCA would not be.

A few things to remember would be:

Certificates need to be linked to a website, i.e. they need a “.com” in front of the domain name. A good place for any SSL certificates is, for example, www.example.com/. So if you get a private SSL certificate by going to “www.example.com/”, the site that uses that certificate would be www.example.com, and the site that uses the private certificate as a DNS name would be www.example.com.

The domain name has to be spelled correctly, with capital letters, lower case and single dots.

The certificate name can have one or more of the following extensions: *.ca, *.org etc.

Some certificate authorities may offer certificates with free trials. They can be very good for first time visitors or those who never had an SSL certificate before.

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Another option for new certificate users is to get your certificates from the internet store. Check some out here.

What is the easiest way to get SSL certificate from CCA?

CCA offers all this for free. However, you can request for a free trial here.

For any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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