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When we were kids, we were all given paints of everything. For instance, when we were children, you could paint anything, and we used paints of everything, and this meant that our creativity, imagination and creativity was limitless. We could do anything. We were children, but we used these paints to paint whatever we wanted. But as children, we thought it was more useful to draw what we wanted, and if we went back to the drawing board, it ended up that the more time we spent on that one thing, and the more pressure we had on it, the worse the sketch turned out.

We would paint the same things over and over again, and the work got worse and worse… And our imagination got weaker, and we started to think, “How do I get something like that into reality in my painting?” Then we could draw it on paper, and it would work, or it wouldn’t work. In the end it was not only a matter of how much time we had, but also how much we put into it. We would only do the art if we put in more time, and we didn’t. The more we put in, the worse it turned out.

Today, there are so many people who are into painting. It is very popular, and the market is getting more crowded. Today we have so many people who are doing the same thing, or have tried to do the same thing as us: we paint landscapes, and we try to draw them on paper. They are usually not good, but they are trying for their dream, so they are not making too much effort; they are just practicing. Maybe this is a great thing for them. But I think when we used to have the same passion for painting, and the only way was to draw, we would never have started the practice of painting.

How big an impression does the painting have on the viewer?

I think it has huge effect when you look at the painting because it will give them a new image, and you will feel an emotion about that painting which you did not have before. Some paintings do this, and I think they all need to be approached a lot critically through painting. If you can understand the process of painting, you should be able to read a painting in a way which is different from the way you would in ordinary life.

Are there any famous paintings of your collection currently on display?

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