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“I used to love Adobe After Effects, but as soon as I stopped using that program, I realized I was never going to use it again, but I loved After Effects anyway! I like how it lets you see in real-time while working, as opposed to how Photoshop can sometimes let you see only a small part of the work you’ve completed.” – John R

“I’ve been using Final Cut Pro X (Xcode) from start to end. I absolutely love how it integrates seamlessly with my iOS device.” – John B

“I used to work on the 3D world of video games, on which I used to play a lot of Halo, but since leaving the industry, I’ve been using Premiere Pro when editing video. I’ve edited a few documentaries in there, but I’m especially proud of how intuitive it is for creating a cinematic trailer!” – Josh C

What is the one thing you didn’t get a chance to complete in the past?

“I think I’ve been working on it!” – John R

One of the most intriguing aspects of the recent events surrounding the Ebola outbreaks is not that one of the infected persons in the US is a nurse or that one of them may have developed a resistance to the anti-Ebola drugs being administered to people around the globe. The most intriguing aspect of this story is a piece in the New York Times Magazine headlined, “Ebola: A New, Deadly Virus, Part of New Pandemic”.

I don’t know what to tell you about this article that is not a straight news report of the outbreak being dealt with. I don’t know how one could not be moved by the horror, but it is my personal opinion—not a matter of belief but a matter of knowledge—that we have been in a new “Zaire strain” of the epidemic Ebola fever since September and that this new strain represents an unprecedented situation where no one can predict the sequence of events leading up to a disease outbreak.

What I mean, and what we are witnessing today, is the progression of a novel and unprecedented epidemic. Ebola has now become—or perhaps, we should say, “involved in”—a new, “new” pandemic where the outbreak of a rare virus, such as this one, represents a rare case of a virus that is new to the Western Hemisphere and of the emergence of a new strain of human pathogenic pathogens not previously observed in the Americas.

On October 7th

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