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We will teach you a method – how to draw in a way you’re comfortable, and how to learn, quickly and easily. You learn using the digital tools of digital art and the best software available in the digital world: Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Illustrator. With all these tools built-in, learning the basics in traditional drawing methods can be incredibly time-consuming, and sometimes, impossible to achieve using only online video tutorials.

What is the current state of the art in digital art?

Most people aren’t aware that it’s been nearly half a century since the first computer drawing software was created. These days it is easy to make digital art. The latest computer drawing software is very powerful, and allows each user to draw their own image.

It takes only minutes to copy, paste, and rotate an image. You can even create vector artwork in seconds. And there are thousands of websites – free to sign-up, which is all you need to learn the basics and get started with digital art.

Online drawing courses are getting more popular. For example, there are over 400 online drawing tutorials on YouTube. Many are professional tutorials and offer free samples to get you started, giving you the confidence that you are making good progress. As a result, we’ve seen a big increase in the number of people wanting to learn digital art as it is being developed. They have an excellent resource available: free video tutorials. We now offer 3D drawings videos, a tutorial on how to create illustrations with Adobe Illustrator, and over 400 other free digital drawing videos.

Where can I learn from YouTube?

You can find your online drawing classes on YouTube, the leading teaching platform in the online digital art world:

How do you teach?

With the very first classes being delivered online using the first online drawing software: Photoshop. The technology is so advanced that you won’t get any of those other tutorials! We teach you the essentials of drawing using Adobe Illustrator online courses, but with a modern approach, including video, videos, and tutorials. In our online teaching methods, all our classes are delivered via Google Hangouts. You can join our classroom in person at any of our training venues or over the phone.

Do YOU want to improve your drawing skills? Download our eBook – Drawing is a Process | What Makes Your Life easier? and learn everything you need to know about drawing from the inside out, step-by-step.

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