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Do you know anything else about this?

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*Editor’s Note: the author has since changed her response to our questions, which she published in a number of different places online. The “correct” answer remains, of course, the one she gave us here.

UPDATE: In addition to my own experience with being drawn to the subject when I first encountered it (which I’ll share below), I received a number of feedbacks after this post was published saying things like, “Your point that people need to “get out of drawing the characters and their relationships” is very true, but I’m having difficulty remembering this myself.”

[A number of people have now sent me a link to another post they made about this issue, titled “Drawing in the ’70s: Drawing with a Pen,” which is worth a read.]


For those of you who’ve not seen that video clip yet (also from 2008), here’s a quick recap of where they took it — but don’t take my word for it: The whole thing features artist/animator/cartoonist Tom Troughton, talking about how he thinks about characters when he’s trying to draw one or more of them. I encourage everyone to watch it, check the interview out, and come to their own conclusions — we all love being told things we don’t know by others with our own unique perspective, and I have nothing but praise for Troughton here.

Also, this short clip from the first episode of the original “Tough Times” cartoon series is a very good follow up video to that one and provides even more insight into how, when, and how much cartoon drawing is fun, challenging, and rewarding for its participants.

CBLDF’s Cartoonist Guild offers a number of useful resources including videos, blogs, a handbook, a wiki, and more.

[CBLDF staff’s note: I found this quote from a CBLDF member helpful]

I wish I had a time machine and could see the place I went from here. My own journey with cartooning started in my 20s, when I was starting to consider trying to make a

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