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How does the most important thing to learn in life be learned?

For someone who is so much better than me in every sense of the word, I would think I’d be in for much deeper insight when talking about this.

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For two months, the city of San Jose, Calif., and five other cities along the state’s coast have become the focus of the battle over the future of nuclear energy. It has already become the center of an extraordinary series of protests by those opposed to nuclear power in San Jose, and it is a battle that could determine whether it is worth spending millions of dollars on the world’s largest project.

Nuclear power advocates say they are ready to go head to head with the environmental forces they say are trying to stop the project. Supporters of the power plant say they have every reason for wanting to expand nuclear energy in California, and they argue that opposition is based on ignorance of the facts about the project.

But opponents are not just debating political tactics, they are dealing with real problems. California’s cap-and-trade program has led to the creation of an estimated 13,600 jobs in the state, many of them in the electrical industry. At the same time, electricity from the power plants is now being purchased as well as generated. On top of that, the state’s nuclear power plants generated about half a billion dollars in economic activity during 2010, nearly all of it from commercial customers. The utility-scale nuclear plants that were originally supposed to be shuttered by the program have instead generated nearly 3 billion dollars in new power sales.

All that cash has prompted opponents of the plant to make bold statements in the middle and end of campaign meetings. “I’m gonna beat you with my bare hands,” said Dan Koon, a retired civil servant and member of a opposition group called the Save San Jose Coalition. “I’m going to go to the mat for you.”

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But for all the talk of their power, proponents of the project were relatively quiet at the campaign meeting on Sunday. It was a break from the typical campaign rallies, in which the candidate with the most donations wins over the supporters to join him on the stage.

It’s a sad day for the Republican Party when its presidential nominee, Donald Trump, does not just get on the wrong side of an overwhelming majority of the American people. His supporters are also making it clear he deserves none of it.

The latest example comes from Ohio, where the Trump campaign

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