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When a beginner draws, it’s easy to forget that “just” drawing is an art. In fact, some people just don’t have any interest in drawing at all. That is why so many people struggle. Drawing is the most fundamental art we have and the skill of it is just as important as any other.

Do you draw at work? I’m always happy to have some free time to draw and take notes on what I see because I’m always looking for inspiration.

I’ve always had a great interest in drawing, but there is really no need to do it at work! As a professional photographer and art gallery owner, I know how important it is to get the right inspiration, to be able to communicate art with people. I love to sketch with people, I enjoy writing, I love being in front of a webcam, etc., etc. If I weren’t a professional, drawing at work would just be a waste of my time and energy.

I think we can all agree that having patience is important when we’re trying to study drawing. If you take some time each day to focus on learning, you will come out on the other end even stronger, and that is the most important part of being a good beginner artist.
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I hope these tips are helpful to all beginner artists and that it is something you’ll always refer back to when drawing. Also, I hope you’ve enjoyed what I have shared as some of the advice I share on this website can be helpful in everyday life. I would be really grateful if you would take the time to leave comments if you have any questions or thoughts. Happy drawing!

About the Author: Laura Jeltsch is the head model of The Photographer’s Pen Shop in Baltimore. She is trained in a number of different styles of painting and illustration, including acrylic painting, digital painting, and painting with oil. She is also an editor for Illustration Magazine, where she has contributed editorial illustrations for a variety of publications dating back as far as 1987, including the popular comic book series “Superman” and the popular television series “Parenthood.” The Artist’s Pen Shop features Laura’s full artistic portfolio, as well as articles and tutorials about Photoshop, Photoshop brushes, and other drawing and painting applications. Her work has also been featured in the popular online art community Pixabay.com. Follow Laura on Twitter @LJEltsch.

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