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Certifications that have a specific timeframe. If you are looking to get a certain role and will work for the same company for a very long amount of time, then you have to have a specific certification. If you are looking to get a certain degree or certificate, then you might not need one right away because you will have to sit and wait for your final exams.

It is better to get a certifications in the beginning as all the information you need will come from the exam, so once you do get the certification you will have everything explained to you.

If you are looking to do an internship (or a full-time Job) within one month, then you might want to get more advanced certifications too. For example a CCNA. In most cases, as this is a course taught at industry standard institutions, you will have plenty to prepare yourself for.

What certifications are there to get?

What you should be looking for should be the various CCNA certifications. To be clear it is not just the basic CCNA training and certifications but also the training you get afterwards. We have detailed a list below.

What are your requirements for this certification?

You must:

• Have the capability to successfully complete a real life networking event. This might mean:

• Working with a network administrator,

• Working with an IT Infrastructure Manager,

• Working with a Virtualization Administrator,

• Working with a Networking Specialist.

• Have access to the following:

• Microsoft networking products;

• Cisco networking products;

• Red Hat Networking products;

• Windows Operating Systems;

• Linux Operating Systems;

• Network Management (if required).

• Have an understanding of:

• Internet Security

• IP routing,

• Network Security Services

• Network Management

• Network Firewalls

• Network Virtualization

• Network Virtualization Management

• Network Virtualization Operations

• Security

• Firewalls-Basic

• Network Security

• Firewalls-Advanced

• Network Security+

• Security-Basic

• Security-Advanced

• Security-Advanced Management (if required)

• Secure Boot


• Network Address Translation

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• Wireless

• Wireless Security

• Wireless Security-Basic

• Wireless

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