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You should always try to follow the fastest certification path, in order to be the most competitive. The fastest way to become successful is to focus on each one of your skills with the greatest intensity, for maximum improvement.

What should I work on first?

As you work on your current skills, and as your knowledge expands, it is important for you to move on to other areas. For instance, when you are trying to get from one part of yourself to the next, you should ask “How can I expand my creativity so I can help another person achieve their goals?”

Why should I work on an exercise?

An exercise that is only effective for one thing can actually cause problems or even cause you to be injured when you are trying to complete a different type of task or create new ideas.

What if I find something to improve/build on?

You must be open to whatever you find that you can help the most, without making a conscious decision to use it for an entire season. It is important if you will take part in other activities that have some chance to influence you in some way, otherwise you may be limiting your career success and your ability to learn new things.

What kind of projects do I need to have to be successful, on the next level?

For your goals to become successful on the next level, you need to create more opportunities for yourself. You must find something that can help you to achieve your goals in any specific way. This way you can focus on the most important part of your life and gain the greatest amount of satisfaction.

If I could do something in this world, what would it be?

It depends on who you ask. Some of the most successful people, such as Marilyn Monroe, have had very long careers. They have had many opportunities to gain knowledge and experience beyond themselves. If you want to do anything, you better make yourself do it quickly: you may do a job for your whole life, but only after you get your job done, and learn from your mistakes.
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What does it take to reach the next level?

It depends what you want to achieve. If you want to become a professional dancer, or musician, you need to work hard all the time to improve your technique. However, if you want to be a very wealthy man or woman, you need to be a strong person: you must do the most important thing in your life, without fear of becoming discouraged. This

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