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Yes, in the UK. The National Institute for Standards and Research (NIST) has developed a list of 25 different certifications that can be used to verify that a work of science can be trusted. They also have a UK Government “A-Level” exam for those who want to work as an architect in the UK. To get these levels, the exam is called a “work in progress” exam.

What level of certification is required to become a certified architect? You can become a certified architect with Level I (general) (which means you’re capable of designing large and complex buildings) or a Level II (general) (which means you can design and build simple structures). The Level I level requires the knowledge of the following:

Basic engineering principles

Proper fabrication



Mechanical and electrical work

Safety equipment and controls

This level also includes any work or material experience (other than that required in the degree programs listed above). An architect can also become a certified architect (Level I) by doing the relevant training (Level II).

What else does an architect need?

An architect must have an understanding of the theory and design of the building. This includes the building materials, their use, and the requirements of the building design, such as insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance, and water resistance.

The first image released from new Sony Pictures studio head Amy Pascal’s movie The Woman in Black – to premiere later this year – looks suspiciously like the cover of a magazine.

Pascal revealed the first image as part of a news conference to unveil The Woman in Black at SXSW, which runs from March 2-5 in Austin, Texas. The movie, scheduled for release on April 4, stars Kate Beckinsale and directed by Rupert Sanders, who won his Oscar for screenplay The Imitation Game.

The Woman in Black – set in the 1960s – was unveiled last month, and is due for release in 2018.

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The first image released from The Woman in Black – to premiere later this year

The image shows a woman in black, but appears to be a magazine cover

The Woman in Black is based on a French spy novel by Alain Robbe-Grillet, who wrote the screenplay and directed.

It centers on a female spy who uses her powers to kill men from all walks of life

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