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Yes. The only requirement for us to do so is that you are doing the sale of dog food within the U.S.A. We do not sell or distribute dog food from overseas. If you want to sell dog food from elsewhere just call your local wholesaler and let them know that we ship to the U.S. We require a $50,000.00 non-refundable deposit for each animal you sell within the U.S.A. This is to cover the shipping, transportation, and insurance of our products. The amount of the deposit is calculated once you contact us.

If I want to sell dog food outside of the U.S.A. can I do so?

Yes. You are still required to file a non-refundable deposit for each shipping container or box that you sell.

Can I buy or sell any kind of “dogs” or other “food” to my dog?

This varies from package to package. We only sell to people that have a USDA/USDA license.

What does it mean by a full feeder system??

When we refer to a full feeder system, we mean the feeding of one dog per day for a minimum of two days per week, with the following exceptions:

A puppy feeding program is required for dogs who weigh at least 16 pounds and over in a dog-only pack for two days prior to their third birthday.

Can dogs eat food from other dogs?

Yes. Dogs can eat food from other dogs, and in fact, many prefer being fed by other dogs over eating dog food. Our dogs are fed by other dogs only if they meet the minimum requirements.

How many dogs can I feed?

There are two feeding styles: a full food feeder and a full feeder/feeder system. The feeding style for each dog determines the type of food available. Most dogs love only one style of feeder and can eat two types of feeder or feeder. We will also provide two of any feeder that your dog fits in and may fit two different feedsers.

What will happen if my dog doesn’t eat?

If your dog does not finish a food feed and it is at that point that the vet determines the condition of your dog, the dog must be euthanized.

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