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If so, I’d be curious to hear about your experience and tips on keeping yourself and those we see as our fellow citizens safe from the vicious world of aggressive dogs. What do you think makes one so effective in the field of dog and human-directed public safety matters, and what do you do to stay connected as you travel?

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I enjoy teaching public courses, but this work takes my life in a very different direction (although it could never seem to be more personal). I love traveling the world to teach canine behavior classes in other countries where dogs do their own things and do not need to be “trained.” What I love most about being a dog walker is discovering the variety of situations a dog can find themselves in or out of. The dog is constantly in motion with us, looking for safety! It is such an intimate thing to witness, a way to truly share our lives with an animal. And it creates real opportunities for dialogue and understanding.

When looking for work that’s open to the public, I am especially drawn to how people get involved in the rescue process. When I volunteered on the board of directors for Dog Rescue of Wisconsin, we took rescue dogs in as puppies. We rescued dogs that would have normally been left to fend for themselves on the streets, but were then given the opportunity to be trained and trained by experienced dog walkers. This program became so popular that we went the additional step of putting all rescue dogs through a full puppy and training program, with full training and a job that would hopefully keep them in a happy and productive home. It is a tremendous opportunity to train these dogs and to show them we love them, and that’s why we did it.

What’s one thing you wish were different about your “business”? Is there one thing that you would change in your life?

It would depend on the circumstance, but there’s one thing that I would like to see change a bit more and that would simply be the quality of customer service I receive: how we treat the dogs we rescue. I think most people get this right away, but then they get so frustrated and concerned that we don’t make things right. We do, but if you look closely at our rescue dogs and the animals we rescue, you will see so many great dogs that no matter how well we’ve done, some of them will never be adopted. My job is to make sure you’re satisfied and happy, and not just some lucky dog, but an animal who deserves a chance at life and

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