Can you sell puppies without a license? – Business Plan Of Pet Shop

Yes. You can provide puppies to an animal control officer. However, if an animal control officer cannot care for them there is no way that they could keep them for breeding purposes.

Is breeding the law? No.

But what’s the difference between breeding and petting? You should know breeding refers to letting a dog or cat groom and socialize on your premises. Petting refers to grooming and playing with a pet while on public premises.

How can a breeder avoid this situation?

Breeding and petting is illegal in California by law.

If you don’t care for a dog or cat for breeding or petting purposes, you cannot breed them without a license.

If you are a breeder or a petting facility but do care for your animals but are not a breeding or petting facility you don’t need to provide a license. You can use the same regulations that apply to breeders and petting facilities.

Will I get fined if I fail to pay the fine? Yes. Your license will be suspended for at least 90 days.

What penalties can I expect when I don’t pay my fine? You will be cited.

If I fail to pay my fine, what are my options other than having my license suspended? You can pursue additional remedies, such as taking legal action. For example, we can require your company to submit certain information when making a hiring, hiring, and promotion. California has a number of agencies that can help protect pet owners who are victims of discrimination. Find out if there’s a local agency that you can call for free.

What should I do if an employee of a breeder or petting establishment doesn’t seem to take my dog or cat? Take your complaint to the company. If the worker refuses to investigate, you and your pet will be removed from the premises and your license may be suspended. Even if the worker isn’t a licensed breeder or petting establishment employee, he must follow the law in this situation.

What are the remedies available to animal owners who may be injured during animal shows and petting centers? If an injured animal is not removed from the premises and the owner does not seek medical attention right away, the owner may be responsible for the cost of care.

If you have a pet that needs medical treatment, talk to our lawyers at Our Pet Lawyer. Our pet lawyers have experience protecting pets from dangerous situations, including the petting industry. Learn more about whether

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