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Although dogs don’t forgive parents in the usual sense, they do appear to be willing to forgive other dogs in general. If you leave your dog to run around the back yard, they may give you affection and praise. But if you are not careful there will be times when you don’t hear or see this kind of interaction and may not be sure what is happening.

However, there are a number of reasons you may not get any recognition from your dog for these kind of interactions.

It’s difficult to read the eyes of dogs

Dogs have a very small visual field so it’s nearly impossible for us to see what’s going on in their eyes. For example, a dog’s eyes may look as if they are directly at the owner instead of looking through the other dog’s eyes. This is called a mis-read. Many dogs will have an eye shadow which does the trick – sometimes.

The pup may be very excited or excited but not alert

When the pup is scared, they don’t necessarily stop, they just sit there, look at you and then slowly release it. A dog may not be alert because he/she does not react as quickly to the presence of the owner. Sometimes these issues go unnoticed.

If you can’t read the dog well, it can be more difficult to tell what’s going on between you and your dog. This can lead to anxiety.

You may find people watching you dogs or other dogs

A lot of us watch dogs on leash at home and it can be hard for us not to be aware of every movement of the dog even when we aren’t on a leash. It can also be difficult to not get a feel for the pace of the dog when we are out in public. Your dog might be looking to be in a calm state. So, you may not notice the person’s expression; it could be quite confusing.

When you walk your dog together

People don’t always notice when you are dog to dog in public, but this tends to happen more often in public places and in places like parks and playgrounds.

If you live in a public place then you are more likely to have other people out or walking nearby.

It’s important to keep an eye on your dog when he or she is in the car (and sometimes on a leash) when you park in that area. There is a chance they could be barking or doing their business if you have parked your car in

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