Do I have to pay taxes on dog sitting? – Pet Shops Dogs For Sale Melbourne

If I am a dog sitter, do I have to pay pet taxes?

Yes, pet taxes must be paid on your tax return for each individual dog.

Where do I put your information?

Fill out a written return. When returning an item that is not on your return, you must have the seller’s mailing information and a completed Non-Return form. The seller will also need proof that you are a dog sitter.

Do I need to make a statement on a return as required under Taxation Ruling 2005-50 ?

No. If you are applying solely for the dogs, this is not required. If you are making a return for all the dogs, you must put the information on your form.

How do I mail my refund?

You can mail your refund to:

Department of Revenue

Efforts to Collect Taxes
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Attn: Tax Refunds

100 N Water St, SW

Ottawa K2A 1M6

How can I check if I have received my refund online?

You can check if you have received your refund online and get a return number by visiting our refund search page (

What if my claim for a refund is rejected?

The Ministry of Finance will mail a notice of rejection to the person who did not make a claim for the refund.

Why are refund claims rejected if they are for one tax year only?

If the recipient does not have a claim for the same tax year, the Ministry of Finance will send a notice of rejection that indicates the amount that was denied.

Are dog sitting and feeding fees included in the refund?

Yes, there is a fee for each tax year when the dog sits. Contact the Department of Revenue if you are unsure about the number of hours that are included in this tax year and it is not included in your refund.

How do I know if my refund was accepted?

You should have received a refund email confirmation within 3 days of the date on your original tax return. You have 90 days from the date you file your tax return to request a refund, even if you were not eligible for a refund but were satisfied with your service provider. If you are not able to request a refund within this period, you must contact the Department of Revenue: you can find contact information here.

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