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In many areas, you can start a dog walking business without a license. State statutes vary by county, and state specific dog regulations may vary, as well. Contact your local county officials to find out if a county has a special permit, or if you are licensed in that particular county. Please read your government’s requirements regarding dog licenses before you launch your business.

Why am I not getting all my dog walking business customers?

Many different reasons could be the cause of this! In some places, it could be time constraint from the business owner. Some people can be very busy, and sometimes owners need to wait longer for an appointment. Dogs are not as active to walk when they are tired or sleepy. Another possible reason could be that you are a pet owner, and dogs have some innate instincts that must be taught and worked through. For a very detailed discussion about these and other issues with dog walking business owners, read “Are you a pet owner?” at the end of this web page.

We do have an online tool where customers can compare service level, location, and price. Here are some links to help you find your ideal dog walking service. Do you need help learning more about dog walking business? Here are some places to start:
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What can I do?

Your biggest obstacle could be time. The best time to start a dog walking business is in the spring, when it is warmer. Even when that year is nearing its end, you still have quite a few seasons left here on earth. The summer, fall, and winter months offer opportunities for growth. The key is to get people into the habit. If you can teach your dog to sit and stay and play, he will be more inclined to do the same when it gets colder. For more information on creating an environment where your dog feels safe, read some of our tips on creating a dog walking experience. Also see Dog Ownership 101. Remember, for any business to earn the trust of its customers, it must be easy to learn. You must have a staff who knows how to answer questions, and what work is expected of you. You must have a good training program if you are to get the job done well. The best training is for your dog, to make him comfortable and to learn about you and your business. Read about some of our top tips on training dogs well to become a fine dog walker.

Where do I start?

Many people who want to start dog walking businesses often get

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