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There is an old adage in the world of pet shops that goes: “If it was up to me I would have saved the lives of all those dogs you were so rude to yesterday.” If your shop doesn’t cater to people with small children, dogs or cats can be difficult to find, especially when you don’t have to do any work if you don’t find them until later.

Pet shops often offer “cash for pets” but you can’t rely on this option due to their non-renewable nature.

MAYWOOD — A 17-year-old from New Jersey who went missing Tuesday from his home in Maywood was found unharmed in Manhattan after walking in a parking garage.

Police said a man and woman were walking about 6:15 p.m. with the teen and another man outside the parking garage adjacent to their property. The man and woman discovered someone lying on the ground at the end of a stairway. An employee who was taking a smoke break then saw the teen walking toward them with an apparent knife.

Officers rushed over to the boy who was bleeding and treated him at a Manhattan hospital. He has been treated at a Newark hospital, police said.

In an alert for the public, police asked for the public’s help in locating the teenager.

The youth was last seen wearing a green shirt and had short blonde hair, police said.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at (973) 425-5024 or Crime Stoppers at 973-977-8008.

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The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after four planes near Los Angeles collided in a violent thunderstorm in the San Gabriel Mountains. One passenger said one of the planes went down and he was thrown from his seat. The cause and extent of injury is now still unclear. Here is what we know. (Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post)

A series of thunderstorms struck Southern California’s ski resorts Wednesday night, generating what appear to be tornadoes — or worse.

The Associated Press reported there was significant damage to multiple properties in the area, some of it more extensive than others. Authorities said Wednesday evening that two of the tornadoes had been reported near Los Angeles International Airport. The FAA said another aircraft appeared to have collided with another aircraft in the nearby Angeles Mountains and caused one to “go down.”

According to Cal Fire, the first report of a tornado on

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