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Any animal that is kept as a house pet, including those kept as farm animals, must be exempt from paying state and federal taxes. However, pet sitters must still have a valid license and current registration.

How do I renew my license?

Any registered Texas pet sitter who has a valid license can renew it online through Pet Sitter Texas. Click here to download the registration form from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website.

For information about renewing your existing license please contact a Pet Sitter in your area.

Where can I obtain a license for a dog?

Your pet sitter will tell you where to find and purchase licenses for your dog. Your pet sitter must:

Have a valid license for your dog

Have a current license from the state in Texas, such as a pet sitter license for dogs or a spay/neuter registration with the Texas Department of Health Services for cats

Have an active license from the U.S. government for dogs, cats, or both – in effect for the last 6 months before the licensing date.

For information on applying for an active Texas spaying/neutering license, call the Texas Department of Agriculture at (512) 486-3760 or go to their Web site for a full set of registration forms.

How do I renew my license online?

Before you renew your license online, you may download or print a renewal application. Fill out the form as accurately as possible and mail it to:

Texas Department of Agriculture

Pet Sitter License Registry

P.O. Box 718

Denton, TX 76201-6818

Does the Texas Department of Agriculture take care of my pets?
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Yes! This program will reimburse the fee for spaying/neutering, vaccination and microchip registration for registered and un-registered pets of non-residents, and will issue licenses to residents who are not currently licensed. The program is run by the Texas State Agriculture Service to reimburse pet sitters who take animals in or that lose pets. The fee, which varies by location, begins at $35 for pets and is paid in 10 annual installments by the registrant. Fees include:

Adoption tax: $0.30 per $100.00

Microchip fee: $3.80 per $3.00 of annual cost.

License renewal: $25 per pet.

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