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When I first bought mine (4 months ago), they were super sturdy. But after the first three or four days of using them, I started to hear them rattling! My friend gave me one leash to see how it’d work (it still does), and I just ripped it right out. I also noticed that I could also’t get in and out my shower for a while and it started making a grinding sound. After doing a little research on dog leashes, I didn’t want to buy a different kind than the one I had before (for one, I didn’t want to have two different pieces to keep track of and two different sizes to worry about…and two leashes for a shower, to go with one…I’ll just stick to one, I guess). As it turns out, after a couple more minutes of running through the shower and the water started getting on my new leash, the vibrations just got louder and louder, and it was a bit uncomfortable to be inside when everything was vibrating. Also: I had to replace the rubber band around the leash. At the time it was only $0.55, and I had so many other leashes! So, I ended up buying a new kind of rubber band (for only $0.55!) because I didn’t want to be messing with more rubber cords. I’ve used it as well, but I only really use it for my hands when I’m walking, walking and working. I really just use it for when I’m outside because everything else just vibrates and makes weird noises. So what did it do to the other leashes? Well, as soon as I used it for my hands or when I was walking, the vibrations became stronger and stronger. Also, I noticed my other leashes, which I bought for my ears, started to vibrate, too. So, there you go: it seems like my other leashes are also affected by the rubber bands too. I guess the other things the rubber bands do are just making me uncomfortable and I’ve gone back to my dog leashes (which I’ve heard don’t sound all that bad). So, I haven’t gone in and out of my own shower/shower with this leash since it came off, but I definitely have a lot more room to work outside. I also love this leash, but I’ll probably be waiting for something new because this one is a bit too nice for me. I would say:

Best Leash: PetCafé

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