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LONDON, England — It sounds like something from a movie, yet if you pay close attention, you will find that the image the image contains is as real as the truth.

A group of British artists has created three 3-D objects. They are shaped like giant spiders and are displayed at London’s Tate Modern, giving a glimpse of how people might perceive and interact with them, reported The Telegraph.

The three 3-D objects were created by creating a shape using a computer algorithm. The 3-D shapes are all a size large enough to encompass the face of the artist, who then used a computer to change the object’s position and orientation so that it would appear to look like a different face when viewed from the bottom of the painting.

The idea is that when someone is viewing the painting from this low angle, they are not able to distinguish between the two faces and can think that the objects they see are one and the same. In fact, a computer algorithm, which was able to make the three objects appear a different size from a typical, standard-size painting, was able to take the picture in and out of perspective to give the illusion that the individual characters look different.

The team’s aim, says the Telegraph, was not just to create 3-D art, but for it to help them learn how to understand the mind.

The images used for the 3-D sculptures were taken from real life and were created to represent human faces and not a computer’s interpretation of images. The images were then placed in a 3-D space to allow for the artist to see in a 3-D way. The drawings were also taken from real life, but these made the shapes look 3-D rather than 2-D.

Although it’s not a new idea in the art world, 3-D printing is gaining popularity and is becoming more common. Last year, researchers used a 3-D printer to make an abstract sculpture that mimicked how human skin actually feels. And last month, engineers have started working on a drone that can mimic the movements of a human being to fly over you or around something.

If you are a fan of the old anime, you are in for a treat!

You may have noticed that the world is getting flooded with anime style animation and CG. It is a trend that has been growing around the world and to see anime style animation go mainstream has no doubt turned some Japanese fans off of anime. One of the most common

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