Do you need a license to sell pets? – Best Pet Products 2019

This license is only issued to individuals and not to non-profit or charity, but it’s not for sale. You must buy your own animals.

How much does a license cost? It has a cost range and for some categories it ranges from $75 to $400. Depending on category, each pet is between $30 and $50 depending on the types of animals you have. You can always call the DVM and check your license by visiting their website.

What if I already own a pet? No, you must purchase a new one!

How do I obtain a license? You must contact DVM with your inquiries at 617.727.6664.

How do I apply for a license? In order to obtain a license you can:

Download and complete an application online;

Visit a local veterinarian to submit your application;

Visit the local DVM branch; or

File an application in person with a licensed veterinarian.

Should I apply for my own or an animal friend’s license? You can apply for a license if you own a dog, cat, or ferret and have the rabies vaccination or DVM approval. If you are an animal friend and you wish to have the animal as part of your care, please visit your local DVM branch.

How are licenses renewed? You can visit the DVM office when you renew your license to get all the information you need and request a copy of your previous renewal card. Renewal will be done in a few weeks.

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What are the benefits of a license? It does not mean you can sell or purchase pets. You will remain licensed only until you give birth or turn 18 years old, whichever occurs first. There are other benefits of obtaining a license however, such as when you can receive licenses for adoptions. When an individual obtains a pet license from DVM, he or she will have to pay annual fees, including application fees. These fees are not charged to individuals who do not own any pets.

Does a license permit the use of public facilities? You can license pets for use in public facilities at your local DVM branch, and you must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

What are the application fees for a license? There is an application charge. This fee is based on the class of license you have and if your animal is licensed. The total costs of your license are: Class of Pet License FEE $75 for animals

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