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What does a permit mean?

A permit is a special permit required for the sale of dogs on the streets of Calgary and we issue more than 50 different special use permits for dogs.

How do I apply for a dog permit?

To apply for a special use permit for dogs, you must submit any required documents on a custom created form (available on the right) and print out and bring your application form to the Service Animal Licensing and Regulation Enforcement office.

Note: Dog owners must be over the legal age of 17 to give a service dog to others, they must take care of any animals when they go on property or in public places, they must keep their dogs on a leash and remain separated from everyone else when on the property but otherwise abide strictly by this permit.

Will I have to pay for my permit before I can sell dogs?

No – we charge for dog permit by the month or year.

Can I sell my dog outside of the city?

Yes, of course! Calgary has one of the highest dog population density in Canada with tens of thousands having the right to roam the streets without a leash. No dogs are permitted on city property except on designated dog areas within designated city roads, alleyways and areas that are marked with orange ribbons. Dogs are not permitted in the city for dogs or service work for an employer and are not permitted to go without a handler.

I have a special use permit for dogs. Can I transfer it?

No. A permit is a special permit required for selling dogs on the Streets of Calgary. We only issue special use permits to dogs that meet all of our requirements. In order to transfer a service animal license please bring documentation from an approved vet and please complete our service animal document transfer form when you get to the Service Animal Licensing and Regulation Enforcement office to update any required information while applying for the permit.

What if my dog won’t move?

This can happen because the dog is physically disabled by an illness or other medical condition. We do all we can to make sure you can have your dog and keep him or her safe and comfortable on Calgary’s streets.

For more information about how Calgary’s dog owners can help others, visit

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